6 Reasons to Exercise

6 Reasons to Exercise

You may have heard that “exercise is the best medicine” but oftentimes the reason WHY we should exercise can be forgotten about or taken for granted by fitness and health professionals. Understanding the benefits of exercising can be the difference between someone who quits on their fitness goals within a few weeks, and someone who builds the habit of moving daily leading to a change in their lifestyle, health, and overall attitude towards exercise. I would like to shed light on these all-important benefits so that you can learn how exercise can improve your life!

Benefits of Exercise as we Age!

Top 5 Benefits Of Exercise As You Get Older!

Exercise has several benefits for people of all ages such as healthier bones and a healthier heart – but there are additional benefits for those in their older years! Did you know that exercise in your older years can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, decreased risk of falling and even improves your mood. I would like to go through some of the key benefits of exercise in the older population and help you on your way to becoming active into your older years.

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