3 Reasons For Your Persistent Pain

Physical factors like weak muscles, torn tendons, disc degeneration, and arthritis, are often identified as being the main source that remains.

With persistent pain or pain that comes and goes, these factors are NOT to blame.

The truth?

People can have disc bulges, joint degeneration, and muscle tears and have no pain at all.

You can become pain-free again without these things changing.

It seems logical to think that if your back is arched or your hips aren’t level then that’s what is causing your pain.

This isn’t true.

Being open to another understanding of why you have pain is all it takes to begin returning to all the activities you enjoy again.

Let’s explore three core reasons why your pain may be persisting.

What Do You Think is Going On?

Your mentality is important.

What you believe is happening can influence what you feel.

If you think you are weak and believe moving will cause more damage, your body can create pain as a protective response.

If you’ve been told in the past that your spine is fragile, that message will influence how you move and can subconsciously cause stiffness as a response.

Secondly, if you were told your shoulder pain is due to your rotator cuff tearing, naturally, you will dramatise when you feel that pain, and visualise your fibers splitting like a cloth tearing.

This will cause you to protect your shoulder, resulting in moving it less and causing a stiff shoulder.

Unfortunately, it’s the education and understanding of what’s happening that causes this protective existence.

Learned Helplessness

Your experience with pain, how it has affected you, the things you have been told about it, and how it has been dealt with can contribute to “Learned Helplessness”.

Learned Helplessness is where an uncontrollable bad event (e.g. an episode of pain), leads to a perceived lack of control.

The human mind naturally wants control.

You can be a very competent, capable person, but if you feel like you have no control over the pain you’re experiencing, often this can result in you becoming very passive.

This can result in you “giving up” in some areas, in the hope that some injection or “quick-fix” will help you.

Look at elephants, elephants such as this one could easily escape if they believed they had the power to.

Don’t let your mind hold you back.

Losing Your Sense Of Self.

I understand.

Pain can absolutely take over our lives.

It can take the important things away from you, those very things that define you.

Did you once take these things for granted and now you feel a space in your life?

Not being able to do these things such as exercising, or spending time with friends can be a massive struggle.

This can influence the amount of pain you experience.

General Health

Do you have any unhealthy habits?

Where can you be a bit healthier?

Many people can have disc issues and meniscus tears but it doesn’t affect them.

Being less healthy can increase your sensitivity to these issues.

Are there any exercises you can do that don’t cause a flare-up? Are you getting enough sleep each night?

How is your self-talk? Are you too hard on yourself?

There is no need to bully yourself for bad habits.

The good news is that you can learn strategies to help you improve these habits.

Struggling With Persistent Pain?

If you’ve recently been struggling with persistent pain or suspect it might be affecting your daily activities, we’re here to guide you on the path to relief

Right now, we’re offering you the chance to book a free telephone consultation where you can speak to one of our expert strength coaches about your pain concerns.

Ask your pressing questions and gain insights on how our clinic can be the solution to your persistent pain issues.

If you’re tired of pain affecting your daily life and limiting your activities, arrange a free telephone consultation by calling our Lucan clinic at 086 787 6358.

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