Osteoarthritis Treatment

How to get back doing the things you enjoy without taking painkillers and avoiding surgery.

We help people suffering with pain to get back doing what they love. We’ve helped hundreds of people who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and left in pain, inactive and unable to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Have you been told by a health professional that you have “wear and tear” and you just have to live with that? Are you worried about losing your independence and freedom in the future? There is a lot of information and misinformation out there and the purpose of our free ebook is to help you “drown out the noise” and know what’s important and most helpful for you and your osteoarthritis. 

We also offer a free telephone consultation where you can talk to one of our expert physiotherapists about your own symptoms and we can find out more about your story so we can then give you advice on how to move forward and get out of pain and back doing more of the things that you enjoy. 

Osteoarthritic symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. For some it means they are quite stiff the morning after activity like a gym session, a jog or even a match, while at the other end of the spectrum it can mean you are unable to sleep properly, cant put on your socks and have to walk with a limp because of the constant pain and stiffness. The reason why some people experience more pain than others is not as straight forward as your age or how that joint looks on a scan. Joint health is one factor but other factors like its impact on your life and your activity levels, your mood, sleep, stress, emotions and weight gain combined with your self efficacy and beliefs around your condition also impact disability levels. 

This list is by no means exhaustive and means that peoples pain and disability levels with OA is very much an individual experience and as such a one for all blanket treatment approach cannot be adopted. It also means you have to take ownership of your own situation and manage your arthritis by trying different things.

There are several myths surrounding OA and a lot of these create beliefs that are very disabling. Most people are able for a lot more than they are doing but they are often discouraged along the way and cut out more and more activities to the point where they can’t really move or do much without pain. Traditional thinking on arthritis was that it’s a wear and tear disease from increased load on the joints leading to cartilage loss and therefore people stop exercising and running. New evidence tells us that it’s a disease effecting the entire joint-the labrum, cartilage,bone, tendons and muscles and that A LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is a big risk factor. Muscle bone and tendon changes can be reversed with appropriate loading and exercise. People are often afraid to exercise because of there OA or cardiovascular issues or low back pain but in reality, training just needs to be individualized and tailored for them. 

This is why we have developed our “ Get Active With Arthritis Programme” which is based on the things there is the strongest evidence for in the treatment and management of osteoarthritis. 

1 Education & Advice

2 Exercise both resistance exercise and Cadiovascular exercise

3.Weight loss (if appropriate)

Our staff are all physiotherapists expertly trained in OA , as well as strength coaches and are qualified in nutrition so we are expertly set up to help people in the 3 most important areas needed for people with osteoarthritis.

  • The programme has a minimum 3 month duration and involves 8 1:1 Physio led strength training sessions per month where a physio will work with you individually in our private training studio. 
  • We also have a nutritional programme where appropriate. 
  • You will also have access to your physio outside of session times for more advice, support and accountability. 
  • Depending on your symptoms we will also create a weekly plan of activity for you outside of your sessions. For some people this might be 5 or 10 minutes but you will know exactly how much exercise to be doing and we will advise you on all the things you can do to help yourself safely. 
  • Home exercises to help you feel better and feel more confident will be created and recorded for you and sent directly to your phone. 

For more information about our “Get Active With Arthritis” programme or how we can help you please feel free to download our free report or set up a free telephone conversation by calling us on 0867876358

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