What is Physio-Guided Personal Training?

What is Private Training?

A good personal trainer should first and foremost teach you how to do each exercise. Have you ever been in the gym thinking;

“I have no idea how to use this equipment”

“I don’t know what to do next”


“I don’t know where to start”

If these phrases are familiar to you, then personal training could be helpful to you. At Pain & Performance Clinic all our trainers strive to make you more confident in your own ability. So you can go into any gym and know how to do exercises safely and effectively.  We want you to think “I know what I’m doing” as opposed to “I haven’t a clue”.

Personal training though isn’t just the time you spend in the gym. Personal training is the personal touch. Listening to what our client wants and creating that a plan that is completely individual to them

What are the benefits of personal training?

There are many benefits of personal training.

  1. Training is specific to you.
  2. Your plan can be adapted during the session if something doesn’t suit you.
  3. There is somebody there to motivate you at each session.
  4. You are educated and shown how to do each exercise.
  5. You have somebody there for advice and guidance outside of training.
  6. They help to challenge you.
  7. They can push you a bit harder than if you were on your own.
  8. Your training will be more efficient! No more spending 2 hours in the gym doing three exercises…

BUT, Most importantly,

Having a personal trainer gives you accountability….

Have you ever woken up on a rainy day and said to yourself “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”.

Let’s be honest here if you say “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll go to the gym later”…. You’re 99% of the time not going to go!

Accountability is key to getting into good habits. Announcing that you’ve joined the gym to the family may help you get started. However, what we often see is people fall down on the follow-through. Personal trainers will keep you accountable!.

Why should you pick Pain and Performance Clinic for personal training?


First and foremost, our staff are physiotherapists. This means that not alone are we able to help you get fitter and healthier. We can help you train around and improve any previous injuries. We can also help to reduce your chances of injury at the gym. The gym is a safe place to train. At pain and performance, it’s even safer as you have physios training you and a physiotherapy clinic just upstairs.

Secondly, we don’t just coach you through your session. You will also have a weekly opportunity to talk to your coach about anything else you want help with. This time will be used to set goals, change things within your plan if need, and ask questions.

Don’t like the idea of having one person standing over you at all times during your training? But, still, want some guidance? Then we also have you sorted. At our facility, we also run semi-private sessions. In semi-private sessions there will be a maximum of 4 people in the room, but, you will all have individualized programs.

This means the trainer isn’t just shouting/watching a clock and moving you onto the next exercise. Instead, they are still showing you what to do and coaching you. It just means that you may need to count your own reps at times.

Pain and Performance Clinic Lucan aims to make enjoy coming to the gym. We want to see the strength and fitness you gain here translate into your life. We want to see you back doing what you love. What you love could be anything from gardening to GAA or anything in between. We will work with you to suit your lifestyle so that you maximize your time outside of the gym.

Who should you choose physio-led training?

If you have a current or previous injury it may have made you fearful of going back to the gym. Physio-guided training will be beneficial to you as we can address this injury when developing your plan. As physiotherapists, we are both comfortable leading you in exercises and adapting to your individual needs.

Physio-led coaching isn’t just for injured people or people who are recovering from surgery. We specialize in helping beginners. People often think of physio in terms of just plain old sports injuries. Get injured go to the physio. Physios is a healthcare profession. Being healthy isn’t just not being sick, sore, or injured. Being healthy is having a good quality of life.

Part of a good quality of life is staying fit and not getting injured or sick. Strength training can be a massive tool in preventing illnesses like COPD, arthritis, osteoporosis. With our physio-led 1:1 coaching or semi-private classes, we teach you how to do every exercise safely. We aren’t just there to make you work hard and feel tired. We are here to give you the confidence to train safely and enjoy exercise. 

Who are Pain & Performance clinic’s semi-private, physio-led classes best for?

The semi-private sessions will have a maximum of 3 other people in the room altogether. They are beneficial if you want expert guidance on individualized plan accountability inside and outside the gym. These classes are available in the mornings, lunchtime, evenings, and Saturdays.

In our classes, you will be doing an individual program so a certain level of fitness is not required. However, we can meet you to assess if starting with 1:1 sessions would be beneficial to you before progressing to classes.

Who is Pain and Performance Clinic’s 1:1 physio-led training best for?

Our 1:1 physio-led training is best for people who are total beginners and have never been to the gym before. They can build confidence and ability.

1:1 physio-led coaching is very good for people with lots of gym experience that have a specific goal in mind. It may be that you are playing a sport and keep picking up injuries. It may also be completing a marathon or ironman and you need the conditioning to do this injury-free.

Individual coaching is also very helpful for people who are currently injured. Being physios we will be able to design an individualized rehab program for you for that injury. But also, an injury doesn’t mean stopping. We can help you train around current injuries so that when you are recovered you are as close to your physical best.

Who would benefit from Pain and Performance Clinic’s physio-led buddy training sessions?

Buddy sessions are great for some people. Like 1 to 1, these sessions can be booked in on the physiotherapist’s schedule rather than at fixed class times. This makes them very flexible.

Buddy sessions are 2 to 1. To get the benefit of the flexibility of a busy session you will need to have a similar timetable. Or, they are best for two people with the same goal.

This goal may be both of you are running a marathon Maybe both of you are finished playing minor football and need to do some off-season strength work to be strong enough to play with the adults next year. This goal might be to look good for a big day. A bride and her maid of honor or a groom and his best man perhaps.

Why should I get go to a personal trainer when a normal gym is cheaper?

The biggest difference between low-cost gyms and personal training is the care, attention, and individualization you get. A low-cost gym can be busy and there can be waiting time for machines etc. In our gym, your time slot is yours meaning you can make the most of the time in the gym.

A large gym can be intimidating and you may feel unsure of what to do while there. Pain & Performance Clinic wants to give you the tools to feel better and to be more independent.

Our coaches will educate you on how to do each exercise, which increases your confidence so that you would feel comfortable in a large gym setting. We want you to feel safe in any gym environment. Personal training can also be more fun than going to a big commercial gym.

Fewer members mean you may get to know some of the other members. Having a trainer means you’ll always have a gym buddy. And, your personal trainer will always try to make the gym enjoyable. We want you to enjoy exercise and not see it as a chore!

Personal training isn’t just your exercise session as I’ve said. It is also planning for each session, setting goals, and making the gym individual to you. We don’t just coach an exercise, we train you as a person. Everybody is different, we make sure you are getting advice that’s applicable to you.

Finally, as I’ve mentioned above, you should get a personal trainer for accountability if nothing else.

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