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Being able to train for and play your sport can often be the difference between you being in a good mood and generally being happy or not feeling as positive about things in life and being a little bit miserable.

Personally, I have experienced those times when I have been incredibly competitive with my sport but also been injured for what felt like a long, long time. Some of that time lost playing sport was due to bad luck with injuries but also because of the diagnosis and treatment that my injuries received.

This is actually what motivated me to chance my career and become a physio so that I could help people get back doing the sport they love. Here at the clinic, It is very important to us that you are getting to play and compete in your sport.

Our training message for therapists and focus as a whole is to get people back doing what they enjoy doing. Training and playing sport is of course one of those enjoyable activities for so many people.


Yes of course. Very often we see people that have stopped playing their sport because of pain and injury. Unfortunately, many injuries do not respond well to rest and so when you go back to your sport after a period on the sidelines the pain is still there. Sports Injuries need specific and thorough diagnosis and rehabilitation. Here at the clinic we will design a program tailored for you and work with you to get you back playing your sport.

As mentioned, many sports injuries can be stubborn and affect us for years. They stop you from performing at your best and take from your enjoyment of the sport. Many sports injuries persist as they do not respond to rest or generic strengthening exercises. They require specificity and here at the clinic we tailor our rehab programmes to you and your sport.

If you are looking to improve in certain aspects of your sport whether that be strength, speed, agility, balance and don’t know where to begin, we would be happy to help. We can provide you with a strength and conditioning program that can be done at home with no equipment and is specific to you and your sport.

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