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Here at the clinic we see a lot of people suffering with shoulder pain. People of all activity levels can suffer with shoulder pain. Incredibly active people may often overload their shoulder. This sometimes involves doing things in the gym that their shoulder can’t completely cope with.

Other times people can experience shoulder pain for no apparent reason. That pain can be quite debilitating and can even spread down their arm. There can be a lot of fear and avoidance around this pain and people end up doing less and less expecting the pain to go. However, that pain comes back when they try to move and use it again. It can therefore have us stuck in a vicious cycle not really knowing what to do.

We fully listen to your story. Generally, your pain is telling you that something needs to change and what works for shoulder rehab is an active exercise-based approach as opposed to a passive approach like massage, needles and other modalities. Rest definitely does not get you out of pain long term.

We will listen to what you may be doing or not doing and what you want to be able to do. We will thoroughly assess your neck and shoulder. Making a change in the first session is something we achieve here at the clinic to show you what you can do to help yourself. You will get your exercise plan directly to your phone after the session.

Once you experience more control over your shoulder pain and able to change your symptoms, generally that enables you to become more active again and start getting back doing the things you enjoy. If you have any questions or are looking to make an appointment, get in touch and we’ll get you back doing what you love.

This is a very common complaint with shoulder issues. There is an immense network of nerves in our body. These nerves are all connected. Some of these nerves are over a metre long. The nerves that pass under and around the muscles in our shoulder travel down towards our hands. Therefore, these nerves can become irritated at the shoulder and pain can be felt elsewhere along the arm.

Very often people with no shoulder pain at all have rotator cuff tears. Here at the clinic we have an exercise-based approach to rehab. Rest will not help with shoulder pain. We will develop a specific strengthening program for you and send it directly to your phone.

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