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Here at the clinic, we specialise in helping injured runners back to enjoying their sport. Once they are back running, we ensure they can keep running and improving their performance. We see a wide variety of runners, from people who have never ever ran before and want to start, to runners who are trying to improve their performance and go for certain times.

One of the common misconceptions, problems and frustrations for an injured runner is that they are told that they have to be completely out of pain before they can get back running. Whereas that’s not actually true. Here at the clinic our approach is that running is rehab for running.

By that I mean we will try to get you running again as soon as possible and that can often help the healing process and the strengthening as long as the dosage and the amount is right.

It may also take specific exercises for that area, but lots of people don’t really have a plan. When you come to the clinic, what you can expect is that we are going to try and get you running as soon as possible.

We will provide you with some specific exercises that you can combine with your running. People who enjoy running are often busy and don’t have lots of time, so we make sure to match the rehab with the person we see in front of us.

Physio can help you with your running injuries in many ways. Here at the pain and performance clinic we are experienced working with running clubs and runners of all levels. We can make a plan specific to your running injury to help you run pain free and even improve performance and prevent future injuries.

Physio isn’t just hands on treatments like massage but instead it is a rounded treatment that will give you the tools to reduce your pain and also improve your performance.

No. It is a common misconception that pain means damage. Pain is more complex than that and often time pain exists even when there is no damage to your body. If you do have pain in your knee while running it may be indicative of the need to get assessed to ensure there is no injury.

If there is no specific injury a physio will then work with you to pin point potential causes of your pain and give you a solution.

Not necessarily, there may be incidents where you will have to stop running BUT at pain and performance clinic we never want to stop you from doing what you love. We may have to alter your usual training plan. But, we will work with you to use running as a form of rehab, along with strength training, to reduce your pain and get you back running as often as you like.

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