Returning To The Gym?

5 things you should expect after you start training/working out!

  1. It is perfectly normal for you to be sore after your training sessions. Delayed onset muscle soreness. Or, “DOMS” is perfectly normal and maybe worse 2 days after your training than the day after. This is a sign you’ve worked hard, but, don’t worry the more used to training you get the less amount of time these will last after each session!
  2. You will have more energy and you will sleep better. Sleeping better seems obvious, you’re expending energy now during your gym sessions and you’ll have to sleep to recover! More energy? Believe it or, even though you’d think training or working out would make you more tired, it can actually have the opposite effect. When you start training your body produces more mitochondria. Mitochondria are the part of the cells that generate energy. You use this energy to train but on days you aren’t training the extra mitochondria you now have in your cells means you have a higher level of energy and are more alert!
  3. You’ll be more hungry than usual. When you start working out you need energy to fuel your workouts and this will mean your body is craving more food. If you are training to improve your strength and fitness this is fine, if you’re looking to lose weight this may make things more difficult! Stick with it though, feeling a little bit more hungry isn’t a bad thing and you’ll get used to how much food is the right amount to eat when you’re training.
  4. Your skin may break out. Don’t be shocked if you have a bit of a breakout. This is perfectly normal. It is not simply that you are dirtier because you are sweating more. In fact, it is because not only do physical changes occur when you start to workout. Hormonal and neurological changes happen too. This isn’t a bad thing!
  5. Your progress won’t be linear. It Is normal to want to improve every time you step into the gym. But, this won’t always be the case. As with everything, there are better and worse days.  Some days training may feel easy. Some days it may be tougher but keep at it and you’ll get stronger, get fitter and get healthier in no time!

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