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We help a lot of people to recover after their surgeries. Sometimes we see people who fall into trouble weeks and months afterwards. A lot of the times that’s traced back to a situation where they get their surgery done in the hospital and then there’s no real follow up or plan and people are really left to their own devices.

Post Surgery, what’s absolutely vital, is that you really build that area back up again whether it a shoulder, knee, ankle, or hip there’ is a huge amount of work to be done after surgery.

There’s a huge amount of work to be done after surgery. Sometimes this isn’t communicated to patients post-surgery within the hospital system, and this leaves people quite disabled because they are walking around for weeks or months on a joint that doesn’t have the support of the muscle around it. So getting the surgery is just one thing, what’s actually really important after that, is the follow on work that you need to do yourself.

Now, if you leave that for a long time that can leave people very disabled post-surgery and it’s not that the surgery itself didn’t go well, It’s that the plan afterwards wasn’t done at all or wasn’t sufficient or was too conservative where the rehabilitation might have just gotten you to the stage where you can just walk okay and off you go. Without the real concern of well this person wants to be able to run again or cycle or exercise or train, that’s what they were doing before, let’s get them back doing that.

So, the post-surgery rehab is absolutely vital but it’s an area that’s under done quite a bit and that can leave people in quite a lot of trouble and they’ve had the surgery.

If you have any questions about your own recovery or what you should do after the surgery or if you’re looking for an appointment to get help and get a plan of action for you to start on yourself just let us know.

It is normal to have some pain or discomfort after surgery. The levels of pain can be very unique to each patient. Here at pain and performance clinics we help you manage your pain and plan for not only pain free living but to return to the activities you previously loved to do.

In most cases full movement of a joint can be achieved after surgery. Recovery of range of motion and strength will require some physiotherapy. It will be important for you to also work on your injury outside of formal physiotherapy appointments and be diligent with your home exercise program.

Unfortunately there is no specific answer to this as different surgeries have different healing times and every patient has a unique recovery experience. “getting back to normal” will be dependent upon what your “normal” was before surgery, i.e. if you want to go back to walking again this may be quicker than if your end goal is to compete in a field sport again. At the pain and performance clinic our goal is to put in place a plan unique to your goals and get you back to your normally as quickly as possible.

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