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Ankle Injuries can be very frustrating for people. They are unique in some ways in that the pain around your ankle can often reduce quite quickly. You may then feel that you are ok to return to your normal activities…only for your ankle injury to reoccur. Ankle injuries are also quite unique as even if your ankle isn’t 100 percent you can often get through your daily activities or sporting events.

However, what often happens is that two or three weeks later, or even a few games down the line, your ankle issue comes back. What was once an achy ankle can then become a problematic ankle.

Ankle Injuries are notorious for reoccurring, but this is usually down to a problem with the rehab that was done. Sometimes the rehab is too conservative, or it hasn’t replicated the demands of your sport.

You are not going to get your ankle sorted by doing thera-band exercises sitting on the ground or on a chair if that ankle needs to be able to cope with jumping and landing. Even if you are not a sportsperson, you still need to be able to step off a curb or ladder abruptly and not go over on your ankle.

In a sports situation you need to be able to jump, twist and turn when you are fatigued. Your ankle needs to have the strength and stability to cope with those demands. Often rehabilitation doesn’t go far enough, or people stop their rehab once they return to their sport.

Here at the clinic, we ensure that even after your treatment, you are left with a plan that you can continue with to prevent a reoccurrence of your ankle issue.


Ankle injuries are notorious for reoccurring. This is often down to overly conservative rehab i.e., rehab that is not challenging enough and does not prepare you for the demands of your sport or daily activities. Here at the clinic, we ensure that you are prepared for all the demands of your sport and daily life. We will also give you a specific programme that you can continue with when you leave us to prevent the issue from recurring.

Our ankles play a large role in helping us keep our balance. Balance is a factor that is often overlooked in a lot of ankle rehab programmes. Your ankles need to be able to react to the world around you whether that be stepping off a steep curb or walking on uneven grass in the park. Here at the clinic, we choose exercises that sufficiently challenge your balance so that your ankles are ready to react quickly and effectively in any situation.

Weakness or stiffness in one of your ankles is a common issue people experience. You may have had previous surgery on your ankle, a previous ankle sprain or a number or ankle issues. However, you feel your ankle never got back to 100 percent. Often people are given some strengthening exercises in their ankle rehab. However, such exercises often become too easy after a while and the strengthening is not progressed sufficiently. Here at the clinic, we consistently progress your strengthening exercises. We ensure that you are ready to meet the demands of your daily life/sporting activities.  

Ankle Injuries can be really frustrating for people and are notorious for recurring. However, this does not have to be the case. Often ankle issues persist as the rehab approach has been too conservative. Here at the clinic, we will provide you with a rehab programme that meets the demands of your sport as well as your daily activities. We will also provide you with a specific ankle injury prevention programme for you to continue with long term.

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